SHIROKO seamlessly combines contemporary style with a variety of fashionable and fabulous designs. Our range of must-have, customised fine jewellery offers something for everyone, for every occasion.It’s all about you. Your personality. Your desires. Created in top quality rhodium plated sterling silver with cubic zirconia, SHIROKO accessories add unique elegance to any outfit.



Shiroko’s stunning range of sterling silver and rhodium plated Floating Charms lockets make the ideal fine jewellery for any occasion. Best of all, you can customise them by choosing from a wide variety of charms. Fill it, change it, add to it. Whether it’s for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, mother’s day or simply a token of love, we havethe perfect charm for you. Bespoke, original and eternal.



Shiroko’s Harmony balls in high-quality silver-plated pendants are beautiful to be sure, but their subtle, magical chimes also call your guardian angels to you. Worn in various cultures by pregnant women to soothe their unborn children, when born, the sounds are calming reminding babies of being inside the womb. Choose which unique colour ball, pendant resonates with you and allow yourself to be engulfed by an aura of safety, grace and ancient wisdom.

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